1.         Introductory Privacy Issues

1.1.       This Privacy Policy refers to VISIONGLOBAL TV and its associated services from the point of view of privacy related issues.

1.2.       VISIONGLOBAL TV collects privacy information related to its customers with the sole purpose of improving their experience and enabling usage its services. 

1.3.       This information can be used for the advertising purposes of the VISIONGLOBAL TV. The users  themselves are provided with a choice to accept or decline these commercial offers.

1.4.       Please note that our payment system is based on PayPal as the only available option for payments at the moment.

1.5.       You are strongly advised to examine any potential privacy issues related to the payment by addressing directly the PayPal official webpage.

1.6.       In order to subscribe for our services you have to be of a certain age as it is required by your national law.

1.7.       Please note that any attempt to register under someone else’s name or as a minor using other people’s privacy data will be severely punishable to the full extent of the law.



2.         Collecting of Information Issues

2.1.       In order for the users to use our services the following information is required to be submitted and disclosed:

            2.1.1.    Contact information which includes the user’s name, address, phone, and email

            2.1.2.    User name(s) for your account(s)

            2.1.3.    User password(s) for your account(s)

2.2.       All customers are provided with an option whether or not to accept these disclosures and   submissions of their private information.

2.3.       Please note that certain data as being described above is required for providing of our services. In order to become our user you have to go through our registration process.

2.4.       VISIONGLOBAL TV uses the cookies. You are hereby advised to inform yourself about the cookies themselves and their potential influence on your privacy by following this link:

2.5.       The information related to you collected by the cookies can and will be used for the sole purpose of improving your opportunities for using our products and services.



3.         Third-Parties Privacy Related Issues

3.1.       The third parties are not allowed to collect or to participate in the collection of the private    information about our users.

3.2.       The exceptions from the section 3.1. include the following cases:

            3.2.1.    Your private information can be disclosed and disclosed when it is required by judicial, legal or other relevant authorities.

            3.2.2.    Your private information can be disclosed and disclosed for the purposes of legal, judicial and tax related proceedings you have direct involvement in.

3.3.       VISIONGLOBAL TV does not share the privacy information about its users with third parties for commercial or any other associated purposes.



4.         Confidentiality Issues

4.1        All private information being collected as described in this Privacy Policy will be treated as confidential with the utmost care and attention.

4.2        By accepting this Privacy Policy you allow VISIONGLOBAL TV to use the privacy information related to you as being described in this Privacy Policy.

4.3        By accepting this Privacy Policy you allow VISIONGLOBAL TV to predict, analyze and evaluate  certain patterns of your usage of our services for the sole purpose of providing our users with an        information about the services that can suit them the best.

4.4        VISIONGLOBAL TV is allowed to inform you occasionally about its new offers and relevant services  you may be interested in.

4.5.       All users are granted with an option to cancel these options at any given time.

4.6.       Please note that your rejection of certain options as being described hereby may influence some of our service’s features.



5.         Other Relevant Issues

5.1You are hereby expressing your approval that private information related to you can be retained by VISIONGLOBAL TV as long as it is required for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

5.2 VISIONGLOBAL TV will protect your private information with the utmost care and attention. Please note that we cannot be held liable for any potential security risks.

5.3 VISIONGLOBAL TV is allowed to change this policy completely or partially from time to time with no obligation to inform its customers every time these changes take place.

5.4  In case you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy you are recommended to use the following email:



6.         Liability Limitations

6.1.       You are hereby to exclude VISIONGLOBAL TV from any direct or indirect, explicit or implicit responsibility for misuse of your privacy information by other people who are trying to register for     our services by using your privacy information.

6.2.       VISIONGLOBAL TV cannot be held liable for the disclosure of your privacy information that may be associated with the third parties who may be involved in the providing of our services, such as providers of devices, required equipment and similar.

6.3.       VISIONGLOBAL TV cannot be held liable for the disclosure of your privacy information that may occur as a result of data transfer during the changes of third parties providers of devices, technical      equipment and similar, required for our services.



7.         Closing Issues

7.1. This Privacy Policy is to be regulated and governed by an exclusive jurisdiction of the Canadian Law and Canadian State Courts. Any potential disputes related to this Privacy Policy are to be addressed to the courts of the City of Calgary.

7.2.If a certain part or parts of this Privacy Policy become invalid or cannot be applied whatever the reason for that may be the remaining parts will be fully active and valid.



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